Welcome to Genyaro.com

February 25, 2017

Hello, there. Thank you for visiting my website. My name, as you, my smart reader, have gleaned from the top of this page, is Genya Rocca-Owodunni. I recently graduated from Bennington College, where I received a BA in printmaking & literature. At Bennington I gobbled up nearly every printmaking class I could take: intaglio, letterpress and bookbinding, lithography, silkscreen, and monoprint. When I couldn’t fit a class into my schedule, I learned the skills over summers and winter breaks at Penland School of Craft, Kala Art Institute, and any other studio I could wriggle my way into.

To Nicholas Windsor Howard, I owe a leviathan-sized thank you for creating this whimsical website. With the professorial click of his monk straps and my clodhopping, quick steps, clearly not “scripted or taught,” Nicholas and I made our way to 900 Grayson, on our lunch break as we discussed creating my website for the first time. Nicholas spoke as slowly as he walked. What feeling should the website have? What is it? Please, let’s not get into the details of what it will look like just yet. Always patient with the clattering nonsense that gushed out of my mouth, Nicholas listened and took notes. I wanted a ‘cabinet-style’ website, designed to showcase collections of my artwork, something that felt beguiling, like stepping into a natural history museum. I am giddy to announce, Nicholas has hit the mark.

Please explore my website. Write to me, whether my artwork turns you into a puddle of angry unmutterables or you have a hankering to own one of my prints.

With an Eager Hello,